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On behalf of Nevada ASA, I welcome you to the 2016 season and thank you for visiting our website. We are very excited to have this avenue of communication with our association players and coaches as well as visitors looking for information and tournaments.

We are excited to have Julie Manktelow manage our website design. Together we have added many new features and links. Nancy Hill, our Junior Olympic Interim Commissioner has included commonly needed forms and most importantly registration information.

The success of Nevada ASA is based on your participation and support. Last year over 56,000 people participated in Nevada ASA events. It's our goal to provide you with quality events and great competition. We have developed an exciting schedule of tournaments to attract players of all levels. We look forward to your participation in our programs, not only this year but for years to come.

There are links to both the National and Regional websites as well as many of our sponsors. We hope this website answers your questions, but if not feel free to email one of our staff for assistance.


Tony Pehle, Nevada ASA Commissioner